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Csmart - Forms and Document Managment Video

E-Forms in Csmart

  • Latest E-Form from the MCA21 portal is always downloaded and unzipped for you. This ensures that you are working with the latest form all the time.
  • Don't need to fill all the data in the form all the time! Click on Populate Form instead and you would find most of the data is populated for you!
  • Once uploaded to the MCA21 portal, the form stays in Csmart forever. Search and Retrieve it with ease!
  • Also, the data from the E-Form is extracted and goes in building the master data of the Company.

Documents in Csmart

  • Majority of the documents are generated in Csmart! You will never have to painstakingly prepare any. For example, while incorporating a Company the following documents are generated:
    • Consent Letters
    • Subscriber Sheet Templates
    • Power of Attorney
    • First board meeting Minutes
    • Pan Application
    • Share Certificates
    • Register of Director Share Holding
    • Registers of Members
    • Auditor's Appointment Letter
    So you see its quite an exhaustive list! For the full list of documents that are generated for all other Forms please refer to the Document Matrix.
  • All documents pertinent to a filing are neatly organised under the form itself. Never loose a document!
  • All documents not pertinent to a form filing, like MoAs, AoAs, Agreements, etc. can also be brought into Csmart using the Access Documents feature. We recommend that you add ALL company documents into Csmart. You can add a description to the document and use that to search for it any time in the future.
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